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Painting digitally

My name is Sergio, but my friends call me Dibujor, so I guess you can call me that. Besides that’s how I’ve been know through the internet for a long time so… seems fit to keep using it for my online work. A bit easier to remember than Sergio Gonzalez, isn’t it?

I am an illustrator and designer living in the sunny Barcelona, Spain.

As you, no doubt, have seen through my portfolio I work in a wide variety of techniques and styles. That’s not because of a false sense of having to be a master of all things artistic. I love many things from fantasy to science fiction, from 3D to 2D, from cartoon to realism, from digital to watercolor, that I just can’t settle definitively on just one of those things.

Besides I love to learn new things constantly so that suits me perfectly.

About me


(I promise I’m telling the truth).

Pretty damn well
I know my business
Adobe Animate
I know how to do it
Clip Studio
Pretty well
I know where are the buttons
I'm almost awesome!
I know my way around


Curious about some of the clients I’ve worked with?. Ok, click if you are really that interested.

  • La Vanguardia
  • La Voz de Navarra
  • El periĆ³dico
  • TelevisiĆ³ de Catalunya
  • Asepeyo
  • Almirall
  • Medial Ediciones
  • Inmagic
  • Cricursa
  • Monegal
  • Iter Luminis
  • Naghmart
  • Pgg
  • Raff.me
  • Memento
  • Omron
  • Clickenglish


You can follow me in this other sites. There you can see sketches, doodles and know more about me and my work.

That’s all.

If you have read through to here you may have some questions or even business proposals. Why not contact me?. You can click the button to send me a direct email or check the contact menu on the navigation bar to use the form. You can also contact me through Discord using the handle: Dibujor#9557 since I have it always open