Arumba Youtube

Artwork made for Arumba’s channel on Youtube. I make all the artwork for his channel, but when he played these games I did enjoy myself with some complete illustrations instead of the usual covers. You all these on his channel clicking on the button labeled “Launch Project” to the side.

dibujorArumba Youtube


Character design studies for “The Mask of Bauta” a short action movie.

Monk fanart



Susi Rocket Mobile Game

Character designs, Title Cover and Backgrounds for the mobile game – actually in production – Susi Rocket. © and all rights reserved  Mammut Games/Project77

dibujorSusi Rocket Mobile Game

Arabian Nights 3D Movie

I was a production designer in this movie project, based on the tales from “1001 Nights”. I was in charge of designing some characters and objects. You can see a little dancing video of the main character clicking on the button.

dibujorArabian Nights 3D Movie

Sant Jordi Character Design

Some character designs for a project of Montblanc’s major to develop a comic book and an animated series based on the popular catalonian legend for “Sant Jordi”.

dibujorSant Jordi Character Design

Improper Toys tees designs

Some t-shirt designs I made for selling on my own store. You can look at them clicking the button to the right.

dibujorImproper Toys tees designs

Extremo the movie

This matte painting was made for a teaser trailer for a spanish martial arts movie. I was commisioned to be in charge of the art direction for the full teaser so I designed almost everything, from scenarios to weapons. Below you can see the original image I was given of the location for the matte and another image after cleaning …

dibujorExtremo the movie
Christmas card

Christmas Card

This is a Christmas Card I made to greet happy holidays to my family and friends

dibujorChristmas Card

Wedding Invitation Booklet

A wedding invitation I designed for a friend. It was a “book” format invitation with some pages and illustrations explaining the history of how they met and got married.

dibujorWedding Invitation Booklet