Social Networks Avatar

I was commisioned to make an avatar for a client using the style I normally use for my own brand image, and this is the result.

dibujorSocial Networks Avatar

Las Aventuras de Byte – TV Show

With this project I was commisioned to redesign almost all elements for a cartoon animated series. Below some of my images you can see an example of what I was given in the first place. They wanted the characters to be almost as the art they send me but not quite, so they didn’t want me to go wild with …

dibujorLas Aventuras de Byte – TV Show

Ainara Coffee Shop

Logo proposals for a coffe shop / gelaterie. They ended up going with the third one.

dibujorAinara Coffee Shop

New New World PC Game

Character design and model sheets. Some characters for the graphic adventure game “Nuevo Nuevo Mundo”.

dibujorNew New World PC Game

Godspeed TV Movie

Worked in this tv movie as a production designer. I arrived late on the production so I only designed the spaceships. They wanted the two factions to have a distinct look so I went for an organic form for the “good guys” and a more gothic look for the “bad guys”. Here you have a sample.

dibujorGodspeed TV Movie


In this movie I acted as a production designer. I was in charge of all the imagery surrounding a distopic society, propaganda, posters, magazines… You can see the teaser for the movie clicking on the button to the right.